About - PeterSKucmaPhotography

Pete is a retired executive who worked at several Fortune 100 companies and has had the opportunity through business and on his own to travel the world. Photography has always interested him (as well as cooking - but not here). Whether with his family using a "Brownie" or a "Polaroid", growing into a "Minolta SLR" in his college and middle years and now with "Canon" digital equipment he has always tried to capture the moment. Self taught and still learning he tries to portray the image in a way that conveys today and provides a view from a different perspective or vantage point. As you will see from the website most photos are taken from off the beaten path / trail. Being an avid hiker and walker facilitates access to remote or not so remote landscapes, nature scenes, people, wildlife, flower and fauna. Hopefully the photos, keywords and descriptions will encourage others to get out, explore and enjoy the world around us.